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Banu Kanıbelli, Banu Kanibelli, biyografi, izmir, Baki Duyarlar, itar kulüp, piyano, Bülent Ortaçgil, bu rüzgar, Gürol Ağırbaş, caz kadın şarkıcı, Turkish jazz singer

Banu Kanıbelli


/about me


In my story, the music journey starts with the mandolin courses taught to three 8-year-old girls at a neighborhood stationary store in Izmir. Along with that tutoring there was also the long hours spent with my father listening to classical music. Together we would carefully remove the covers of my father’s records and listen. Of course on my part there were always the attempts to play along on piano. That classical music became part of the walls of our house attaching me to music in such a way that would became a life long priority. 


I at times wonder as to how many houses with a piano in Izmir had memories with Mme Cassano... Of course I also was taught to play the piano by Mme Cassano. I came across my guitar at the age of thirteen and since then that guitar is accompanying me on all of my songs. That was also the time, when my music journey started to take its direction, always supported by my friends and family.


Going for a Psychology degree at the university was a choice. While still a college student in 1986, I professionally performed at venues such as Lalezar, Korukent Jazz Bar. At that young age I was actually quite honored to share stage with great musicians that I admired deeply and listened to with heart.


Becoming a mom, going into professional work in education almost naturally led me towards making music with children, for children... I made two albums with Bülent Ortaçgil and Gürol Ağırbaş’s arrangements (“Kara”/ 1998 and “Başka Dünya Yok”/2006)... Since then those two albums with the children songs somehow keep finding their own little listeners as they sail on in their own ways...


One defines periods of personal history with what one does. Perhaps ‘growing up' or even 'rebirthing' can happen more than once in ones lifetime. So now it's time for me to write songs for grown ups. This album, "Bu Rüzgar" was made with delicate musical arrangements and precious friendship and support of Baki Duyarlar.


My grown-up songs are a way of thanking to all that I share in life with; my family, my friends, all that is expected, unexpected in life and love... in short to being alive... April 2013

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