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“I believe that the days when we can respect each other and the earth with all its living beings are very connected with hearing and understanding young people, gaining them back if we have lost, and learning with them when necessary. All of this applies to women who have been devalued and weakened over the centuries. “Actually” is a reminder melody enriched by the original interpretation of SO Duo. “Letters to Songs” project partner, Eylem Ejder, had a comment that I liked very much: 'The echo of the song is like movies, clips with interrupted images… There is a state that the tape is going to be distorted, but even if there is "disruption", it will continue to play. Or it will fly like the flying balloon in Zeycan Alkış's album illustration, no matter how heavy! We hope our song finds its owners ”Banu Kanıbelli



Words Banu Kanıbelli

Music       Banu Kanıbelli

Vocal     Banu Kanıbelli

Arrangements * Musical Arrangement    Orcun Basturk

Recording / Recording , Mix Orçun Baştürk

Mastering İsmet Sinangin (Yeşilköy Burst Pipe Studios)

Cover Illustration Zeycan Alkış


Electronics, keyboard, radio recordings Orçun Baştürk

Acoustic guitar     Banu Kanıbelli

Backing vocals Sumru Ağıryürüyen



ADA MUSIC * 2021

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