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Kara's story

It was a black dog that didn't like its color at all. The black bead eyes would never be visible in the black hairs. His occasional white teeth and pink tongue were two colors that were lost among his black hairs.

Kara had a small owner and loved him more than his life. But this was not enough for Kara… He wanted to change his color and started to search for the Land of Colors.

While he was on the way, he came across a small tree. "Where is the Land of Colors?" He was just going to ask that the dry leaves of the tree caught his attention: “What's wrong with your little tree? You seem thirsty! " said Kara. “Yes, right black dog. It never rained this summer. My whole trunk will dry a little if I don't drink water, ”said the tree.

Kara asked the tree:
"Where can I get water for you?"
Tree answered Kara:
“Where the water is, the Land of Letters. If you find it there, the swan will give you the letter S, whatever you want. "

So the good-hearted Kara forgot its black color, forgot the Land of Colors. He wanted to save the tree and began his search for Land of Letters.

He surpassed the mountains and the hills, finally found the Land of Letters. He was just going to enter when a wise letter C came down from the sky at his feet. Wise C was very skillful, his job was to write every letter and every new word in the country into his memory. It is for this reason that he wanted to take the name of Kara. He said he would give him his name on the way back. Kara gave the four letters in his name to the wise C: KARA

So Kara entered. He had to hurry now.
"Where could the letter S be?" As he thought and thought, it came to his mind to ask the sage C 'where the water is. Wise C answered Kara, and told him what he had to do.
First take D's lantern, then cross the H-bridge. When you cross the M mountains, a slide will appear. R is the water flowing from the mountains, S is the swan floating in the water. There is as much water as you want in that swan.

C brave Kara thanked. He started doing all of them in turn ... He found the swan, but there was no water left here. The swan had a lot of trouble, he was looking for water to swim. On the one hand, the following words were pouring out of his mouth ...

"Seasons! Seasons! .. Now they have fallen into deep sleep. They stop playing the game 'Ebe Sende' anymore. If the game does not start again, it will not rain, the sun will not laugh. Someone should tell them, 'Ebe Sende!' should say. The four seasons must awaken, so nature's game must last! “

Kara understood everything. It must find the seasons, "Ebe sende!" should have said. Nature's game could only continue like this. He immediately turned and asked the sage C for his name back. He took KAR, but his name was left unfinished. Before the last letter A came, he suddenly saw that there was a color of snow hidden in the name KARA. This also liked Kara.

He set off quickly. He was looking for the seasons. Who knows what the little tree was doing now?

Then he heard a hum. The voice was coming from very deep. He found where the sound came from. He saw that he was sleeping in all seasons, snoring.

How big were the seasons ... I wondered if his voice was enough? He barked a few times ... But the seasons did not wake up.

Then he remembered that two little words he had to say. He took a deep breath and cried out loudly:

The words worked. Summer opened her eyes. "Oops!" Summer said puzzled. “We are asleep! Now we should all wake up and play our game. "
Summer stood up enthusiastically, "Ebe sende!" he touched autumn. When autumn woke up, it started to rain. While all this was happening, none of the seasons had noticed Kara. If they had seen him, they would surely thank him. Actually, this was not very important for Kara. Because the game had just begun.

He had accomplished this ... He thought of the little tree, he remembered the swan ... What would they do if it hadn't rained?

Kara was happy. Well, he was also a little tired ... Suddenly he thought of the Land of Colors, when he was going to change its color ...

Once again he set out. He sang songs with the wind, found games with the rain.

One day he saw that it was falling flaky from the sky. Apparently, autumn touched winter. It was winter now. Everything around him turned white. He turned and looked at its tail, it was snow-white. So the Land of Colors was somewhere in the game of nature. He thought it was a reward, and getting rid of his black color made him very happy.

With her new color, Kara was returning home, bye-bye, playing. He was just passing in front of the Land of Letters ... He stopped to the sage C in the sky and said, "Hello!" said. Sage C looked, looked, but could not recognize Kara. Kara "Let me give my name!" he said and gave KARA. Wise C didn't believe it. He told Kara:

“It is like the name of Kara as we know it. Goodness and courage are hidden in its black fur. You say, with your white feathers, 'I am Black'. I'm confused! Are you white or black? Maybe you are indecisive ... But you should know that you could not convince us! .. "

These words of Wise C surprised Kara very much. Of course, one day he would understand what he meant.

On the way home, the snow fell in the forest without stopping. Everywhere was snowy and white. The land was getting scared. There was only one thing he wanted.

It was to be next to a friend who knew him.

Winter is over, spring is here. But Kara was still walking. The colorful flowers were everywhere, and the birds were singing. The snow on the land had melted and the soil had become water.

Land, on the other hand, still thought of himself as white. How strange, this time he was unhappy that he was white. Because when he returned home, he thought his owner would no longer recognize him.

Then, unexpectedly, he heard the familiar scent of his little tree friend. He searched with his eyes and soon found where he was. The little tree was healed, beautified by the rain, blossomed with leaves, and birds settled on its branches.

Kara was very happy to see the tree. Then he thought that his friendly little tree might not believe he was Black either ...

However, Kara was wrong. The little tree knew Kara from afar. Until he came, he had summoned all his animal friends. He explained everything that Kara did for them.

The animals welcomed Kara with joy. "Hello, dear Kara" he embraced her lovingly. Kara was really surprised by what happened. They called him Black! So they got to know! He looked back, his tail was not white, but black again. The color was dark again, just like before. At that moment, suddenly Black was making heartfelt peace with the land of his color.

Black gladly approached the little tree. The tree bowed and greeted Kara:
“We, the creatures of the forest, thank you. From now on, we will think of you every time it rains. "

Kara said the following to his tree friend:
“When I first saw you, I didn't like my color. But now I get it; If I were any other color, you wouldn't be able to recognize me like the wise C. If I were another color, if I hadn't just thought about my color and looked for water, I would never really be able to recognize myself. Also, I could not be your friend. No color other than land was my color. Everyone's own color is more beautiful than all of them. "

These words of Kara made the tree very happy. However, he felt as if he was still afraid of something.

When asked what happened, Kara told the little tree that she had lost her way home.

The tree immediately called out to the blue bird on its branch and asked him to go and call the flying balloon.

The blue bird flew away ... Before long, a glass bubble appeared in the sky. The little tree told Kara:
“You have to put all your fears into this bubble you see. And then you have to blow this balloon into the sky three times. When you get lost in that light, you will no longer be afraid of that thing you fear. "

Kara's only fear was not being able to return home. He carefully placed his fear on the balloon. The balloon flew, flew, flew, quickly disappeared in the light. Indeed, all of Kara's fear was over.

“Goodbye!” Kara said to all his friends one by one. said. His only wish was to go home now.

The sun has disappeared. Kara looked up. But the darkness of the sky did not frighten him at all. The shining stars and the owner's affection led him.

Before long, the light of his house appeared before him.

His basket and cushion were only two steps away. One and two a pufffff sound ... And the great joy of its little owner was the most beautiful thing Kara has ever felt! ..

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