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hayat eve sığar mı

hayat eve sığar mı, şarkılara mektuplar, alemşah fırat, eylem ejder, banu kanıbelli

"Hayat Eve Sığar mı" is the first song of the project "Letters to Songs", which aims to turn the common feelings and experiences we have experienced during the pandemic into letters and letters into songs, compiled by Banu Kanıbelli's lyrics from a letter written by the author Eylem Ejder!

Project address,

is waiting for its visitors and new letters to be written!

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“Hayat Eve Sığar mı” is a song made by Banu Kanıbelli, with lyrics driven from a letter written by author Eylem Ejder. It is the first song of a project called “Songs to Songs” . This collaborative project and open space calls for the shared feelings and experiences of pandemic days by letters written to be transformed into songs. The project can be followed on .



Words   Eylem Ejder & Banu Kanıbelli

Music   Banu Kanıbelli

Musical Arrangements     Cansun Kucukturk & Banu Kanıbelli  

Sampling, Recording / Recording , Mixing & Mastering.    Cansun Küçüktürk

Cover Illustration        Alemşah Fırat


Guitars  Cansun Küçüktürk & Banu Kanıbelli




ADA MUSIC * 2020

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